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We Don't Just Specialize in Training a Hunting Dog,
We Are Compassionate in Creating a Companion.

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Our Experience

What an amazing adventure we have been on the last 20 years of breeding, training and turning German Shorthaired Pointer puppies into started dogs for customers all over the United States and Canada. Let us be entrusted with your next hunting dog and companion. We are of the belief that hunting seasons are short and the rest of the year is when your dog is to be your companion. We put extra focus on dogs to create an awesome companion. We feel the unique thing about our training program is that we do not use e-collars. Come see us for all your training and started dogs needs.

Our Services

Versatile Gun Dogs

Gun Dog Training

Our training develops your dog into a hunting companion. In our program we train the following:  recall (come), sit, stay, down, heel, load up (place), kennel, stay, whoa, hold point, handle in the field and retrieve. With this training a dog becomes a better member of your household. Don't accept training that only teaches a dog to hunt.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not spending as much time as you’d like to with your hunting partner? Don’t let your busy schedule interfere with your furry friend’s training. Give your dog the care and attention they deserve by taking advantage of Triple Flush Kennel and the convenience and quality of our training services.

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Hunting Companions


Many of my valued clients have bought German Shorthaired Pointers puppies from our breeding program over the years. Triple Flush Kennel works hard to match the correct males to the correct females in our breeding program. We look for the entire package when we breed. We want pups and future gun dogs to have high intelligence, cooperative, calm temperaments and a love for working.  Oh, did I mention looks. Someone once said life is to short to hunt with an ugly dog. Our puppies are dual registered AKC and NAVHDA.

A Hunters Dog

Started Dogs

Started dogs come from puppies we raise or that we acquire from other breeders. We start with teaching the pup a good work ethic and generally spend the next 14 months molding this pup into a well started bird dog and companion.

Get in TOuch

Learn how we train your dogs

Online Training Tutorials

Learn how we train your dogs. We will be using Willow along with two of her littermates, Shooter and Murphy who are here training in our started dog program.

We will be showing raw footage meaning there will be no pre training so you get the advantage of working through any struggles you may experience with any dog of any age.

These will be a series of steps you can do to achieve any type of training whether it be basic or advanced field work.

We do not train with e-collars or clickers, simply because we believe you can achieve any behavior you want without those tools and still maintain the happy personality of your fury companion/hunting dog.

Not only does this build better bonds with your companion but it eliminates any tools needed to keep your fury friend safe in an event you may not have a collar attached to gain control in any emergent or life saving event.

Easy to follow training for even the novice handler.

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Our Facilities

Safe Environment For Your Dog  

Our primary concern with all of our dogs and client dogs is their safety and their health status. We spend an extraordinary amount of time cleaning to insure the welfare of each dog that is kept in our kennel. So rest assured your animal will be as safe as we can possibly keep one.

Our new kennel 30 x 60 was built in 2017. It has a 50 foot outside run in the back for airing and recreation. All dogs are housed under roof in environmentally controlled conditions.
In 2020 we added a 40 acre wetland for training water work and upland. This is a great property that is untouched and provides training that will be similar to what a dog will really hunt in.

Our Versatile

German Shorthaired Pointers

We believe selectively bred dogs our the key to having an awesome hunting dog and companion. Most great dogs are bred, some our developed and trained into great dogs. We want to breed great pups that have a ton of natural ability, have the ability to be trained and be cooperative. Our dogs pedigrees are second to none.


Sharp Shooters Feather Master Deke NA-2


VC Sharp Shooters Full Torque NA-1 UT-1


VC Sharp Shooters Teutonic Temptress NA-1, UT-1

Deke has been simply off the charts amazing since his arrival at Triple Flush Kennel. This guy has an amazingly good temperament with so much cooperation and willingness to please. His natural ability has been off the charts.


Albie Vom Triple Flush


Aluke Vom Bom Spielschwein D1 S1 HZP190 BTR HDA2 V HN


Emma: Bella Vom Hügel-Hafen D1 S1 BTR HDA2 SG HN

Hans is an exceptional male that we will probably some day call a once in a lifetime dog. Trainable, hard working, loves to please, hasn't met a strange dog or person are just some words that describe this young male. He is a companion dog extraordinaire.


Sharp Shooters Johnny's June NA-1


VC Sharp Shooters Man In Black NA-1 UT-1


VC Sharp Shooters Teutonic Temptress NA-1, UT-1

Her call name is Maijia. Her temperament is second to none in the house and becomes a fierce huntress when it is time to hit the field or water. "The hunt is always better when the Queen is just as hungry.


Bella vom Hügel-Hafen D1 S1 BTR SG HD-A2


VC Joker vom Gänsehimmel D1, S2, AZP1 FW: V2


Dakota KS Vom Trocken Bach

Her call name is Emma. Emma's favorite quote is "I always knew I was destined for greatness". What a female here!! Amazingly cooperative, off the charts with natural ability, and absolutely a joy to train.


Daisy vom Schatzberg


Dexter vom Nemerower Holz D2 D1 SJ BTR AZP1


KS Only vom Westermoor D1 S1 BTR SJ LN IKP1 SW1 HN HDA-2 V

Unglaublicher Hundin (incredible female)! Birdie is a female we imported from Germany for her unique Deutsch Kurzhaar genetics that she brings to the table. She is something special in the water and in the field. She has a very stable mind and was very trainable. She has one of best duck searches I have ever seen. Birdie was a great addition to our family as companion also. She is very quiet and extremely well behaved in the house.


Triple Flush Just A Pistol Palin


Sharp Shooters Feather Master Deke NA-2


Sharp Shooters Johnny's June NA-1

She is a pistol for sure. She is a rocket on land and in water. She could keep up with the older dogs at 12 weeks of age in the water. She is off the charts with natural ability and cooperation. She has a ton of go but can come and lay in someone lap and be just as happy. When we bred this litter we were hoping for the Deke's natural ability, animation and cooperation. We had hoped to get Maijia's fierce competitiveness with her sweet temperament. I think we got all of those things out of Deke and Maijia. We are super happy with this breeding as we are hearing a lot of good things from Palin's littermates.


Tawney Hills Angels Grace


Tawney Hills Danner Up


Tawney Hills Autumn Breeze

Oh my word. This one is a gem. We have trained several pups from serial breedings of Danner and Tess. We knew we had to be in on their last litter. She was bred by Diane and Craig Fishel of Tawney Hills Kennel. Grace is super friendly, cooperative and has a ton of go in the field and water. It is easy to say we like this girl a lot.


Our Happy Clients


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Amazing is an understatement!! Our GSP is extremely scared of most everything. We sent him to Tim and Tammy and couldn't be happier!!! Not only did they help him A LOT, they were great with this soft hearted momma who cried and cried when we dropped him off. We highly recommend Triple Flush for any of your training needs!!

Becky Robishaw

Love working with Tim and Tammy. The process of getting Ava was straight forward and they kept us in the loop the entire time with updates, pictures, from before whelping to the day we picked our pup up. They had us over to the house and gave all the new dog families a training rundown and recommended path forward for training, showed everyone the facilities and ran some of the other dogs they have in their fields. Ava from the EmmaDeke litter has been a great addition to our family. Loves to please, socialized very well before we took her home and is already loving boat rides, people, other animals, responds to commands and is fearless. Looking forward to her in the field.

Caleb Conley

I have been following tripleflush kennel on instagram for a while. I previously had two gsps. Both experiences of choosing those puppies from their breeders was nothing like triple flush. It is obvious that tripleflush not only care deeply for their dogs but also for the owners of the puppies they breed. I immediately felt like family to them. I reached out in hopes to get one of their puppies from the emmadeke litter. Up until the day i arrived tammy provided me with pictures of the puppies. She is very active on social media to keep all of us updated on the puppies, which i found amazing! Tammy was more than helpful with making sure i was all set to fly out and was accommodated during my stay. I am from the east coast so my travel was quite long. Tammy and Tim opened their home to me for the few days i spent there getting to know them, the dogs and my soon to be puppy. They are the kindest most compassionate breeders that I have had the pleasure to deal with. They had puppy packets ready to go that provided all information needed for the next steps as a puppy owner. Tim put on a demonstration using multiple dogs of theres. Which was one of my favorite parts. I was able to see how my puppies mom and dad worked as a hunting dog. They showed how they took care of the puppies and the whelping area. The facility is amazing in itself. Tim and Tammy opened their home to multiple other families for puppy pick up. We all got to know eachother and swap stories. I was able to make connections with my puppys other siblings families in hopes we can bring them together again at some point. Since leaving i have been in contact with tammy and tim. They have not stopped checking in, answering any questions i have had, and showing interest in my puppys life. My puppy was registered through NAVHDA and was given a FI microchip through tripleflush as well. I am more than thankful for Tripleflush and the new doggy family I have made. I recommend this a hundred times over. I have had Trout for a couple weeks now and he is everything I could have hoped for.

Dezarae Elizabeth

Tim and Tammy are great people who produce extraordinary dogs. Their DKs are nothing short of amazing: Very biddable and easy to train, great instincts in the field, superb athleticism, and without a doubt the most affectionate and best family sporting dog I’ve ever been around. The female DK that we got from TFK was very easy for me to train myself with nothing more than a short lead, a long lead, and time. She happily heeds every command and is eager to please, and I’ve never felt the need to use an e-collar for corrections. She even follows commands when given by our 4 year-old daughter! In contrast, we also have a female GSP from another breeder, and she was much more difficult to train, hard-headed, and did require e-collar use for corrections. Our DK is also not rangy at all (I don’t think she’s ever run more than 50-60 yds away), whereas our GSP was very rangy and required a lot of work to reel her in to more manageable distances on a consistent basis. Our DK from TFK is also a wonderful family dog! We have two kids, a 4 year-old and a 9 month-old, and the DK is great with them. She’s very gentle with the baby and loves to play with the 4 year-old. I think her favorite part of every day is the kids’ nap time because she loves to snuggle with them. In contrast, our GSP doesn’t want much to do with the kids and rarely ever lays or plays with them. I firmly believe that a DK from TFK is the best sporting dog that anyone could ever get. Our previous labs, GSPs, and weims were/are all good dogs, but the DK is by far the best all-around dog we’ve ever had. Without a doubt the most versatile yet loving dog I’ve been around. You will not be disappointed with a TFK pup!

Sean Murphy

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We love animals and have years of experience working with them. You can trust us to provide a safe, comfortable, fun, and healthy environment for your furry friend. We will watch over your pet as if it were our own.

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