Our Reviews

Tony and Wendy Webber

"Over three years ago we decided we were ready to get another dog, and had fallen in love with the GSP breed. So we started scrolling on IG looking at MANY breeders and GSP sites to just see what was out there. We came across TFK, and we scoured their account watching all the videos and looking at all the pictures, and then went to their website and did the same. It became very clear after a few weeks that TFK was the breeder we wanted to get a puppy from. So after messaging with Tammy a few times I then spoke with Tim, and I just could feel the PASSION that consumed both of them! The experience from those first conversations to now owning our own little piece of their legacy has been absolutely wonderful. Tim and Tammy put so much thought into the pairing of the male/female for each litter, and the time, love, care, and training they pour into each and every puppy creates the most incredible pup. They are ALWAYS available for all the questions (we had MANY), they provide so much education, and they make the puppy pick up day an absolutely amazing experience. Tim and Tammy are so gifted at what they do, and anyone looking for a GSP breeder need look any farther once they find TFK. We feel incredible grateful and blessed to have found them, and to be a part of the TFK family."

Laurie O'Byrne

""I lost my 13 year old Weimaraner in January of 2019 . I lost my job in May of 2020 during the pandemic. l lost my my husband to cancer in December of 2020. I was struggling, grieving, hopeless. In June of 2022, I walked out of my office and ran into Vivian and Joanie Fink. I sat on the floor in the hallway and let that beautiful little pup climb all over me. My heart exploded! I had been thinking I may be ready for a pup and took running into Vivian as a sign. I thought a puppy would help me in my healing. Give me purpose. Get me off the couch. I had a GSP prior to my Weimaraner so very familiar with the breed and what it takes to care for them. I called Tammy within a couple days and put down a deposit for a puppy. The litter I was on the list for didn't produce enough females. I was prepared to wait. Willing to be patient. I knew it would work out the way it was supposed to. Tammy made sure of it. Last July (2023), Tammy called and said they had a very special, almost 3 year old female surrendered and back with them. Wilma had been with a family since she was a puppy. They had little kids and I'm sure it was just too much to give her all the attention she needs and deserves. While I hadn't thought about an older dog, I wasn't opposed. I told Tammy I'd think about it. Tammy sent me pictures of sweet Wilma. I couldn't get her out of my mind. I went and met her in August and brought her home in September. We've been together for 6 months now. I am the luckiest GSP mom on the planet. I cannot articulate the profound impact this beautiful girl has had on my life. My family absolutely loves her. She is amazing with my grandkids. She is a cuddle bug with a beautiful soul. An amazing girl. Well disciplined. Wonderful temperament. Tim and Tammy are extraordinary at what they do. Extremely conscientious about breeding, raising and placing their pups. Wilma had several months of one-on-one training with Tim. They had a very special bond and it was not easy for him to see her go. They care so deeply for their dogs, their pups and their families. Tammy is a wonderful matchmaker! There are several Triple Flush Kennel GSPs in Omaha. It's really fun to run into the ""family"". Anyone thinking of getting a GSP puppy, needs to start with Tim and Tammy. You will not be disappointed. I am so grateful to to them for getting this special girl to me.""

Nick and Katie Kennedy

"My husband and I had unknowingly been sharing TFK Instagram posts back and forth to each other for years when we were dating. Fast forward to 2022 and we were getting married and I decided that a GSP puppy would make the best wedding present for my husband (and myself). From our very first phone call with Tammy and Tim I knew in my heart we had hit the jackpot. During Willow’s pregnancy we were updated often and once the pups were born the updates came even more often including pictures and videos. It felt like we were so involved in their first few weeks of life, even though we were all the way in NY. The day finally came to go pick up our pup and it is a trip we will never forget! Tammy and Tim welcomed all of us with open arms and took the time during puppy pick up to answer questions and showed us the true beauty of watching a TFK dog work. Our “pup” is now just over a year old and watching him grow has been an incredible journey so far. His natural instincts are amazing and just watching him point at bird (and the occasional leaf or shadow) shows his beauty. The boy LIVES for water. Growing up with GSP’s my whole life I’ve had several that love water but nothing to the extent of Roy. It doesn’t matter if it’s the lake, a pond or a muddle puddle he will end up in it. At the end of the day he is happiest cuddled up on the couch with his people and his 2 other GSP siblings. Having a dog who is active, loves to be out in the field, loves water but at the end of the day can settle in and be a couch potato is a testament to the incredible breeding of TFK. It is safe to say we found our home here at TFK. We are forever grateful for Tim and Tammy and all of their continued involvement they have had."

Aubrie and Kyle Strand

"We found TFK years ago online and immediately noticed their passion for the breed and their love for their dogs and puppies they produce. We finally got a dog from them in 2022 (birdie/deke3) and from start to finish the process blew us away. Even before choosing a puppy, Tammy sent us regular updates (pictures, videos, weights, etc.) and answered any questions we had. Puppy pick-up was nothing short of incredible. Tim and Tammy invited us into their home, provided us with training tips and education. They even had their vet come in to talk to us. It was obvious how much they care for their puppies and families. We really wanted a dog that could be a beast in the field, but a companion in our home. And Finn was just that. He is trainable, smart, sweet, and has incredible natural ability. We loved our TFK dog so much we got another puppy this year (2024) from Willow/Ben litter #2. Tim and Tammy were incredible at suggesting the right dog for us as well as a the right dog for Finn. We have had Mack for about a month now and they are best friends. Not only are Tim and Tammy amazing before picking your puppy up, they are always there for you after. We have contacted them multiple times about training tips and advice. They never hesitate to jump right in and help us. Overall, we could not recommend this breeder more. You will have a hard time finding anyone else so passionate about their dogs, puppies, and families. We truly are so blessed to be a part of the TFK family."

Adam & Leslie Haverstock

"We found Triple Flush Kennel on Instagram many years ago and simply loved watching their whole operation. We already had a terrific GSP that had all of the qualities one would want in a GSP. Our dog, Rosie, was a sweet and obedient dog and if one wasn’t a fan of the breed before, their interest was piqued after meeting her. Any time someone asked about the breed, we sent them straight to TFK’s IG account. One of our friends got a Deke studded puppy that led to a real life relationship with Tim and Tammy. Our love for TFK only grew through our friend’s stories. Fast forward to March 2023 and our sweet Rosie passed. On that very same night, our TFK puppy, Gertie, was born. With a fortunate stroke of serendipity, we found ourselves on the list for an Addi and Ben puppy. On a tear filled call with Tammy, within 48 hours of Rosie’s passing, she said, “My heart is telling me you need this puppy.” She was right… in our time of grief, TFK gave us the most beautiful gift that helped our hearts heal. From the moment we said YES, Tim and Tammy became family. Their daily updates, puppy pickup, and availability after we took our puppy home has been above and beyond. Gertie is a beautiful dog, loves big, has great athletic prowess, and is eager to learn. People are shocked when we tell them how young she is as she behaves like a much older pup. We are looking forward to living life with her, especially knowing that we always have a sounding board in Tim and Tammy. I couldn’t say enough good things about TFK, but I do know if you are reading this review that this is the last site you need to explore. This is the place to get your pup. There will be zero regrets."

Marie Madaras

"As a gun dog trainer, I am fortunate enough to get to experience a lot of different types of dogs within specifics breeds. Because of this, I get to be very selective in the breeders I decide to buy my personal dogs from and/or suggest to new bird dog puppy buyers. Tim and Tammy are one the best in the industry. A true ""family & field"" dog does not fall of deaf ears at Triple Flush Kennels, especially for the GSP/DK breed. They have high expectations for the type of dog they breed; calm, level-headed, family friendly, easy keeping, and can turn it on as a versatile hunter. From Day 1 Tammy takes great care to educate and update puppy owners with important information and expectations. Puppy take-home weekend was a true ""welcome to the family"". Not only were Tim and Tammy welcoming into their home, they provided an extensive 1/2 day of their time to go over DK history, developmental, training, and veterinary information as well as taking the time to show demos of what their dogs can do in the field. Their promise of lifetime support is evident and appreciated in return clients. While my new pup is only 1 week to being home, she is bold, confident, social with all my other dogs, learns quick, and is quiet and stable in her kennel , not only because of genetics, but because of everything Tim and Tammy provide for these pups to prepare them for success in their first 2 months of life. Triple Flush Kennels is a true ""diamond in the ruff"" and I cannot wait to see this pup grow to her full potential. There is no hesitation in recommending TFK for your next field and/or family companion."

Susan Abell

"In 2017, I stumbled upon Triple Flush Kennel on Instagram. I have an older GSP and my love for the breed runs deep. Knowing that I am fully bought into the breed, I wanted to get a second GSP as my first grew older. After watching for a few years, I knew I wanted my next pup to come from Tim and Tammy. They are experts, while also being extremely kind and humble. Once I got on the phone with Tammy, I knew I wanted one of their pups. The care they give each dog, and the endless hours ensuring that every puppy is ready for the world is outstanding. There are truly no words to describe my experience with Tim and Tammy of Triple Flush Kennel. They are expert ethical and intentional breeders, and people of integrity. I love that each of their pups and owners are always family. They work tirelessly to ensure the success of each pup and owner. Thank you for my amazing pup and for all your generosity! I am forever grateful to be part of the Triple Flush Kennel Family! (And can’t wait to be a repeat customer!)"

Manda Michaelis

"We were blessed to pick up two dogs from TFK in August. I waited to write my review because we all know how it is after you get a brand new puppy. You are all in love, they are so cute and so cuddly you can’t help but love them and that is precisely how we felt and how we still feel today. But I wanted to write this from the perspective of someone who trains and handles dogs for hunts. Our dogs were purchased to be treasured members of our family, but also for business purposes. These dogs have exceeded all of our expectations. They are easy to train because they are excited to learn and excited to train. They are always engaged and soak up everything I teach them. I would love to say that everything they do I have taught them, but it is not true. They have so much natural ability that they have made my job incredibly easy and are impressing the most seasoned and hard-core trainers and handlers. Where I come from they do not start dogs until they are nine months to a year old. When I take my dogs out to train with other handlers I find myself being asked how old they are, and when I tell them, there is always a look of surprise and true appreciation. Currently my boys are 6 months and 5 months old. They are changing old mind sets on how to train and handle young dogs and what can and should be expected of them because they are finding and handling birds better than dogs twice their age. They are making the adjustments between foot hunting and horseback, public land and private, pen raised and wild birds. This is a lot for a young dog to wrap their brains around but they are doing it well and they remain the smart, funny cuddly obedient companion dogs we want in our home. I cannot say enough good things about them and neither can anyone who has trained and hunted with us. We live in plantation country down here in The South where the pursuit of Bob White quail is a Gentleman’s Sport steeped in tradition, and very high standards. My boys are held to this standard and they make me proud every time someone asks me how old they are, and they are always shocked to find out."

Skonhovd Family

"Not sure how to start this review because there is so much to talk about. Duke spent his first year with Tim and Tammy in their started dog program. Even though the wait was hard and the anticipation grew everyday waiting for Duke to come home, it was worth the wait. His temperament in the house is calm and wants nothing more to just lay around with everyone. He is great with all animals and kids he has been around. Don’t let the calmness around the house fool you. When it’s time to go to work his switch turns on. Doesn’t matter if you are upland or waterfowl hunting his drive is next to none. He loves to be in the field or water doing what he was trained and breed to do. This is a testament to the breeding and training program at Triple Flush. We have been hunting for 2 years with Duke and he just keeps getting better and better every time we go out. Even though he does amazing getting ducks out of the water, he truly shines when it comes to upland hunting. We made our annual hunting trip to South Dakota to pheasant hunt and he didn’t disappoint. Duke works the field with grace until he gets on a scent and he becomes a different dog. His body language changes and is nose down until he finds that bird. It doesn’t matter if he is hunting grass a busting into the thick cattails, there is no quit in this dog. This all goes back to the time and care that Tim and Tammy have put into their dogs. We looked forward to our future hunts together and the possibility of a future puppy (if my wife lets me)."

Daniel Kaufmann

""This is a follow up review to my first. Our Non-TFK pup trained by TFK has turned out to be a gem. River performs better in the field every time she gets out. I am still so pleased with the training Tim provided for one of the shyest dogs I have ever met. No gunshot issues and is excellent with all basic field commands. Once again the first experience we had could only have been better starting with a TFK puppy. Fast forward to our new boy Doc. We were fortunate to get one of the last pups from Maijia in her farewell breeding tour. Doc is still at TFK working with Tim, but we had the joy of participating in the puppy pick up day for #maijiahans3. First Class. Tammy regularly send videos out to us on his progress and we spent a day visiting again 2 months into training. He is going to be something special, as are the other pups from that litter. TFK trains the right way. TFK is compassionate. TFK is worth every dollar invested in your new companion or hunting dog. Good dogs are bred, which made the picking process easy, as there were only good choices.""

Tyler and Holly Davis

"When my son Tyler told me he was on a waiting list for one of the Triple Flush puppies I thought he was crazy. We are based in Louisiana and the thought of traveling to Missouri just to get a GSP puppy I didn’t understand. But after experiencing the total process from notification of the litter being born all the way to puppy pick-up day, I get why Tyler chose Triple Flush. The notifications received from the time the puppies were born, to puppy selection day, to puppy pick up day were best in class. It was obvious from the very beginning of the process that Tim and Tammy genuinely care about their puppies and want to make sure they are sending their babies to the right homes. Tammy even sent all the puppies home with a blanket that they had used to make the trip home a little less stressful, Clyde still sleeps with his. Clyde’s natural instincts were obvious from early on but even more importantly he is a great family dog. After learning about Triple Flush’s training methods on pickup day Tyler is planning to travel back to Missouri to leave Clyde in Tim’s hands for further training. I would recommend Triple Flush to anyone wanting a GSP not only for hunting but also for a great dog. Being part of the Triple Flush family has been a wonderful experience."

Paul Howarth

"I have had numerous gun dogs mainly Weimaraners. My wife and I decided we wanted the next gun dog to be a GSP. We did extensive research (like a real lot), talked with several different breeders, handlers, and guides. I remember talking with Tim on the phone and being extremely impressed with not only his wealth of knowledge, but his dedication and passion in his breeding standards. After reviewing the TFK bloodline I was sold and put a deposit on a puppy. We flew out to meet Tim and Tammy from the east coast and they were so unbelievably welcoming. I’m used to puppy pickups lasting 10-15mins tops. Not with TFK, Tim and Tammy truly make it an event, and allow all of the litter mates to sit down and connect with each other over lunch. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my TFK GSP. Her natural ability and hunt drive is like none I have ever seen before, more importantly her ability flip the switch and curl up in a dog bed is amazing. These dogs are extremely intelligent, inquisitive, and not a lick of fear in them. If you want an amazing hunting companion I cannot recommend TFK enough."

The Cox Family

""We heard about TFK via months of internet-digging, looking for the right organization to find our future GSP, and they really have been perfect in every way. First - the dog! Our Wally is now 6 months old, and we are convinced he is the most perfect puppy on earth. (We're also convinced that EVERY TFK family thinks that about their TFK dog.) He is incredibly obedient, trainable, loving, and so, so chill. He is content to hike 10 miles, swim in any body of water, or to be a total couch potato for 72 hours straight (although I'm sure he has a preference to the former 2), which is has been a completely different experience from my beloved, yet insanely energetic Vizsla. Tim and Tammy put forth so much thought, effort, and consideration into their litter mates and the personalities of their future puppies. They really do aim to (and succeed in) developing puppies with perfectly balanced personalities who will make award-winning hunting dogs AND heart-stealing family companions. We frequently discuss how lucky we feel to have found TFK and to now have the most perfect addition to our family. Second - TFK!! We cannot say enough kind things about Tim and Tammy and their organization. Aside from giving us our dream dog, the experience with TFK has been incredible and ongoing. Tim and Tammy have been so supportive from day 1. During puppy pick-up, we got to spend the whole day on their property with all the dogs and puppies and really got to see how amazing and smart the TFK dogs are. We also got to spend time with their vet, who provided us more insight into the health of our puppies, and GSPs, specifically. Tim gave a introductory training class to us, on site, and provided us with lots of invaluable materials to take home (regarding training, health, socialization, etc). After we took Wally home, being new puppy-parents, we (naturally) have had lots of questions, and Tim and Tammy always take the time to help us navigate questions we have had about food, health, training, personality, socialization, (literally anything and everything), etc. They have been there (and continue to be there) for us and for Wally whenever we need trusted advice and that really sets them apart from other breeders. We are so pleased and so, so grateful we found TFK and would 11/10 recommend getting your future best friend through them. No matter how far away we live, we will always be committed to getting our GSPs from TFK and we feel so blessed to be a part of the TFK fam!!!""

Joe Dempsey

"This is my third review on triple flush kernels. I own three different breeds from different backgrounds and lifestyles. I wanted all my dogs trained by the same person. why? Because it’s only gonna make it easier on me. I can continue to train them all the same way. I’ve also done there train the trainer class once. I highly recommend that. And I would love to do it again, and plan on in the future. They have gotten my repeat business for a reason. You are treated like family. Your dogs are treated like family. And when they are done you have a beast in the field. Every time I picked up a dog from Tim he takes you out in the field and shows you what your dog is capable of. Sometimes it’s a few hours. he shows you exactly what your dog is capable of. He doesn’t try to butter it up. He’s very honest and that’s what I respect the most. Triple flush has taken care of me and my dogs. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for your time and business."

Brian Michaelis

We our return customers to Triple Flush for starters. And I'm certain another (3rd) GSP down the road is in our future! Their dogs really are stunning in the looks department, but as we know that's just one component of a good dog. They have such an good temperament in the home. But in the field they are ready to work! So if you're looking for a strong hunting dog who is willing and able to please you in the field. And return home and have him or her literally snuggle on top you (they will love that much!!) Then Triple Flush is where you need to buy your next GSP! In closing, let me tell you about puppy pick up...they welcome you into their actual home! You are welcomed with coffee and breakfast! You soon go and meet you new family member. They go into great detail into their breeding program. Their Vet was on hand with more information and was willing to answer any questions. Then later a dog demo with Tim. Later we were treated to a home cooked lunch that was delicious (both times!) Tammy definitely knows about southern hospitality! Once you buy a dog from them, it's not goodbye have a nice life... they continue to take a vested interest in your and their puppy! I will definitely be looking forward to our next puppy pick up!

Queen Family

This was one to always remember. I was introduced to TFK on Instagram when the tiniest of GSPs was born into the world, the way they cared for their babies (dogs) I made the decision to put a deposit on a puppy very easy. I bought my GSP Hazel from a breeder in Maryland, but I can tell you it is nothing like getting a puppy from TFK. Tammy and Tim educate you about the breed. They send puppy videos and photos of their growth, eating habits, weight, etc. My husband and I drove from Virginia to Missouri to meet the gang and pick up our girl. We were pleasantly surprised, especially with two different litter pick-ups that day how EVERYONE was treated like family and how welcoming they were right off the bat. Pickup day was like no other I've experienced. It was more like a family reunion with education, demonstrations, yummy food, and conversation. This is more than just a breed to them. It is their pride and joy, their love, their life. I will not hesitate to get another best friend from TFK

Holcomb Family

What a wonderful experience! Tammy kept us very informed all along the way, and updated us of exactly what to expect. Additionally, she has been a true resource after pick up day and has helped guide after we got our little guy home (Moses). She has been extremely responsive to our questions as they come up. We can’t thank you enough and Moses has been a true blessing to our family!

Brad and Carlin Smith

We have been GSP parents for years, and when we lost our last one, I felt led to reach out to Triple Flush Kennel to “just talk.” The love and caring that I received from Tammy has been unbelievable. From the beginning when we started talking about the possibility of getting a new puppy one day, she has given nothing but the most support and understanding. Triple Flush Kennel is more than a kennel, they are focused on proper breeding, training, and relationships. The entire journey (from discussion to puppy pickup was beyond stressless and so organized). The communication that Tammy provides is unbelievable (and everyone who has gotten a puppy from TFK says the same thing-I am truly not sure how she does it). Tim is so knowledgeable and we were so thankful to get a dog from them where we trust the breeding process. We are so thankful to have joined the TFK family (which is exactly how it feels-they truly are vested in us and our dog and we have friends for life).

John Schamberger

Due to an injury I was going to be laid up for 6-8 weeks no walking. My male shorthair pup was 6 months old at the time and I did not want to have him missing out on any training at this important age so I reached out to Triple Flush about some training. Tim was great to talk to, very understanding and answered all of our questions. We sent Jett down to Triple Flush for some general obedience and after just 30 days he came back a completely different dog. Things like healing on a leash, here, sit, stay ,load up, kennel up, and bird introduction. We were awestruck when we picked up our dog and watched Tim work with him. This was the best decision we have ever made. Tim is truly a talented professional and very patient. I highly recommend Triple Flush Kennel.

Wilson Family

After doing a lot of research and talking to many breeders, we knew that TFK was the best choice out there after Tammy and Tim spent over an hour with me on the first phone call with us going over their philosophy and discussing the best littler pairing. We agreed that a Grace/Hans puppy would be the best fit for our family and needs since we had a senior GSP at home with a special personality. Even though we were hoping to bring a puppy home earlier, after that conversation, we knew that any puppy from TFK would be worth the wait and we were not wrong!! From the moment they announced the upcoming litter to the puppy pickup day, Tammy stayed in constant communication with us by sending pictures, videos and little stories about how they are doing. She answered all of our questions and provided wonderful advice on how to prepare. Tammy also spent time going over each personality when it came time to pick out our puppy. She wanted to make sure that the puppy we welcomed into our family would be a perfect fit for us. You can tell they take great pride and spend a lot of time with each litter to really get to know them. She did not stop there though! She has been a great resource and support even after we brought Otto home. Otto is amazing in every way possible…yes I know everyone says that about their dog, but I really mean it! For a 4 month old GSP, he is so smart, calm, relaxed and confident. The early socialization performed by TFK made it so he respects our senior GSP's boundaries, isn't scared of noises and open to exploring new things. He catches on so quickly that he is a joy to train and work with. He won’t be a hunting dog, but he still has a healthy drive that shows the true strength of his genetics. I never thought I would be able to sit down and relax for along brunch with a 4-month old GSP, but he was so well-behaved and chill under our table that we received compliments the entire meal…my 11 year old GSP can’t even do that! If you are looking for a perfect family GSP, you can stop looking because TFK can provide you that! Since GSPs are like potato chips and you can never have just one, we know that our next one will also come from TFK!! Thanks for making puppyhood so much fun and enjoyable!

Christina Rossi

This is had been the most amazing experience of my life! Tim & Tammy have truly matched our dog to the family perfectly. From the first conversation of what pairing would suit our family best to actually getting our pup has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Their knowledge of breeding, training and experiences has made me feel like I can do anything with our dog! They are versatile in every way. We are currently in puppy stage but can see her total potential. She is a very sound and smart dog. Our family waited awhile for our pup, it was worth it 100%. If your looking for a versatile, gentle, smart, funny dog, look no further you have found your breeder. Tim & Tammy answered any kind of question that I had and still have. When you get your pup your are not done with them, you have and will be part of their family forever! I could go on about how much I love them. See for yourself contact Tim & Tammy and your journey for looking for a breeder will stop. It's been a wonderful journey from start to now and I know that they are here to help me with every step I take with out new pup. They are definitely invested in their dogs, there are also invested in you as the owner. You will forever be part of their TFK family.


"I found Triple Flush after researching GSPs and breeders for years—and followed them on Instagram long before I ever intended to bring another dog into my life. I saw that they consistently produced GSPs that were not only flawless in the field but ideal companions, and I appreciated that they would not only place a dog in an active, non-hunting home but that they prioritize companion values as highly as hunting prowess. I had a short list of potential breeders, but when I spoke to Tim and Tammy just a few weeks after losing my Plott hound, I knew my next dog would come from TFK—no matter how long it took. Fast forward a year and I now have a pup from Willow and Ben’s first litter—and I could not be more thrilled with my boy! Bison loves to learn and work. He’s always been quick to pick up behaviors, and at 7 months he has a vocabulary of obedience that I’m proud of, even though it will always be a work in progress. His temperament and stability of mind are remarkable. He has an “off-switch” that we continue to hone. And he’s a social butterfly that loves people and dogs, but he is also learning neutrality that is key to our active outdoor lifestyle. An investment in a TFK pup is the full package: You get an amazing dog designed to better the breed, lifetime support, option to purchase professional training if you need it, a community on social media that provides proof of concept for many TFK pairings, options to extend your canine family down the road and more! I can’t imagine you could find a breeder that sets their puppies up for more success than TFK. Puppies get military-grade exposure to sights, sounds, textures etc. in those critical early weeks. But they also get daily one-on-one time with Tim and Tammy that helps cultivate their companion qualities. Tammy keeps owners updated almost daily on the puppies’ growth and development with myriad photos and videos. You get to start bonding with your pup and learning their personality before you ever meet them—it makes the waiting game so much fun! The care Tammy takes to place their dogs in exceptional homes is also a testament to how much they love each and every puppy they produce. And plugging into the TFK community through social media has been such an unexpected bonus—this is a cohort of exceptionally versatile dogs excelling in every sport under the sun! It’s an honor to be a part of this special community of people dedicated to giving their dogs the best life possible. You’re gaining a dog but also a family and there’s no greater value than that! Triple Flush facilities are also second to none—their kennel is clean and spacious, and they are always improving their property, which is a bird dog’s dream with acres of grassland, wetland and forest. Puppy pick up was one of the most special weekends of my life. Tim and Tammy’s hospitality knows no bounds and getting to know them—and their whole pack—was second only to holding Bison for the first time! Bison is intelligent, affectionate, confident and adaptable, with an energy that usually matches whatever situation we’re in. I would never have guessed at only 7 months that I would have an up-for-anything puppy with the emotional maturity and temperament to hike off leash in the backcountry, thrive in specialized training classes like canine conditioning, and go with me literally everywhere (Walgreens, Home Depot, Farmer’s Markets, breweries, coffee shops, etc.)! Raising a puppy, especially a GSP, is not without its challenges, but it is obvious Bison has the genetic foundation to excel—and Tim and Tammy are there to troubleshoot along the way! It’s taken time and dedication to get to this place—and we still have a long way to go—but I feel confident that the sky is the limit for any Triple Flush puppy. If you can dream it, they can do it! And the work along the way is so rewarding with puppies with this much potential. My next dog is coming from Triple Flush and if I could bring home a pup from each of their litters I would! If you are looking for a versatile companion for hunting or outdoor adventures, you cannot do better than Triple Flush—the quality of their dogs and their commitment to their puppies and owners is unmatched. I consider myself beyond lucky to have found the TFK family and look forward to being a part of it for many years to come!"

Chris & Emily Hawkins

"We were lucky enough to find Tim and Tammy of Triple Flush Kennels after getting our first GSP in 2018. They have been invaluable in their training support and care for both hunting and companionship for five years and counting, so much so that when we were ready to add a second GSP to our family we knew it had to be from TFK. Tammy was wonderful in pairing us with a breeding pair suited to our lifestyle, and was exceptionally communicative with litter updates and pictures from their arrival to pickup day. We welcomed Filly (of Grace x Hans pairing 2023) to our home and she has been an incredible pup so far. She is eager to please, bold, and smart as a whip, and has shown incredible prowess in the field for a puppy her age (less than 4 mo old at the time of commenting). We are regularly stopped in public with people remarking at not only her looks, but how composed and calm she is for a GSP. Every time I give all credit to TFK, and recommend them with the utmost excitement to anyone considering adding another GSP to their pack, or who are in a search for reputable and accomplished trainers. We look forward to our continued relationship with Tim and Tammy, and couldn’t be more pleased with our Filly girl."

Hannah Thompson

Triple Flush is the best of the best! Tim and Tammy go above and beyond to educate, and ease your heart when you drop off your pup. They work tirelessly not only training the dog but creating a loving environment as well. We sent our 6 month old GSP to them for three months, and he came back with so much improvement. We no longer have to worry about our dog running off, being rough, or having company over. They helped turn him into the perfect companion. Tim works with you as well to teach you how to better work with your GSP, and Tammy always eases your mind with pictures/videos/and updates. I wouldn’t have trusted any other team with our boy, and I recommend them to everyone we know!

Dan Kaufmann

"We have been following TFK for years and had planned to get our "next" dog from Tim and Tammy. The hunting season is very important, but compared to the months as a companion the needs for a socialized pet were just as important. Therefore TFK was a perfect match. Unfortunately we didn't get to plan our next dog and an immediate need left us with a conundrum, as the next several TFK litters had already been spoken for. Tim jumped in and recommended another kennel that had puppies and they were training 2 of their puppies already. We successfully purchased a puppy and brought it to Triple Flush for training. River turned out to be a very timid dog and was a challenge to train. However, she has turned into a fine bird dog and even better companion. The most impressive thing about the training was that Tim was aware of her shyness and executed a plan for getting her used to gun shots. She is still afraid of most things in the house/noises, but LOVES the sound of a gun. Fantastic and slow training to get to that point. Thank you Tim and Tammy for being so kind to River during her stay. We have attended train the trainer sessions, recommended friends, and now are on the list for our first TFK breed pup. Very exciting and can't wait for our "planned" addition. TFK is like having family in the business."

Elizabeth Bland

Tim and Tammy are wonderful all the way around! We sent our girls to Triple Flush for 3.5 months of training and they came back home bird-hungry and happy. Tim and Tammy furthermore taught us how to continue their training and keep up with their skills at home. Tammy reached out often with pictures and updates of the girls, which definitely helped this dog momma rest a little easier. It is easy to see that Tim and Tammy truly care about every dog they work with. Even after the pups completed training, they followed up with us and addressed any questions or concerns we had. Tim and Tammy quickly became like family to us, and now our pups stay with them when we go out of town. Knowing they are boarded at Triple Flush gives us peace of mind as we know they are well taken care of and loved on. We are thankful to have crossed paths with Tim and Tammy and we highly recommend Triple Flush!!

Heidi Kaczanko

Once we found Tim and Tammy we knew that Triple Flush was perfect for us. If we need anything Tim and Tammy are always there for us. Every time we visited it felt like family. When we got our first puppy from them we knew that they were the only people we would get a pup from. Maverick is the perfect all around dog. He has the best personality and temperament of a dog that we have ever had. He is amazing with our young children. They can play with him all day without any fear. They can dress him up, play with toys or just run. He gets along great with other dogs and people. He is such a snuggly dog, but when it comes time to hunt he is ready to go. He has such a natural ability to find and retrieve birds it’s amazing. Everyone that meets Maverick loves him. He is constantly complimented. We love him so much. That’s why we already have requested another pup. Thank you Tim and Tammy.

Erik Hayes

"My experience with TFK began in early 2021 when I made the decision to add a second GSP to my family. I contacted several different well known dog trainers and kennels specializing in Short hairs. After talking to Tim and Tammy for about 1/2 an hour, I knew I had found the right kennel. I got on a list for a pup and began to impatiently, patiently wait. Tammy touched base often and kept me involved and engaged in the process. Once my pup was born and picks were made, She and Tim continued to give me regular updates and seemed to genuinely share my excitement for my new puppy. We made the decision to enter my Gsp (Sancho) into the started dog program. This is where TFK started to really show why they are a premier kennel. Tim and Tammy kept me updated on training progress. They were extremely transparent on the progress of my pup. There were several reports given that he was a great pup, but a little immature and extremely strong willed. Tim not once sugar coated any of the information and was firm in telling me that he did not want to send him home until he was on track with his training and was ready. I got the call in December of 2022 to schedule pick up and we agreed on a weekend to make the trip from Texas and pick Sancho up. We were welcomed to TFK like family and introduced to all things GSP and TFK. Tim demonstrated his training methods and showcased the things that Sancho had been working on. We could not have been happier with the dog we were watching perform. We were also super impressed with Tim's training methods and the control he has over his subject. You could immediately tell that Sancho completely trusted him and enjoyed what he was doing. Start to Finish this was a wonderful experience with a kennel that was completely committed to its dogs and the families that take them home. Erik Hayes"

Robert Lovell

I can't say enough about Triple Flush Kennel. As a military family, we are always on the go and we needed a dog that fit our lifestyle. Tim and Tammy made finding a new family member as easy and stress-free as ever. As previous GSP owners, our concern was overall temperament and how well the dog could manage its energy. With 5 kids at home, we knew it was going to be easy for a new pup to get pampered and rather wound up with so many friends to play with. The Muhr's really nailed it with their breedings. Our GSP (Cabela) has an amazing temperament and gets along great in our home. She has that "switch" that so many people look for in a GSP. She could lounge around all day in the house and knows when to turn it on in the field. As an avid duck hunter, I can say that our TFK pup keeps up with the best of them. She shows zero hesitation when jumping in after ducks during late-season hunts and is always willing to go back for more. Her natural ability in the field is also a sight to be seen. Don't hesitate if you are on the fence about welcoming a TFK pup into your home. We are already discussing when we can pickup another!

Jack and Kelly Stephan

Triple flush provides much more than a dog, they make true companions. I’ve bought hunting dogs of many breeds over the last 30 years, triple flush is special. The amount of love and compassion your dog receives before it ever comes to you is simply unmatched. They are always available should questions arrive long after the sale. You can always be confident you have a friend in the GSP business, with Triple Flush Kennel. 🙏🏽

Brian and Kelly Rupp

My wife Kelly and I wanted to take some time to write a review to express how thankful we are to have purchased a GSP puppy from Tim and Tammy. We began following Triple Flush Kennel several years ago on Instagram after our daughter suggested we should. It didn’t take us long to realize that Tim and Tammy are truly dedicated to improving the GSP breed. A year after losing our 14 year old GSP, Samson, we decided it was time to find another GSP to become part of our family. Purchasing our GSP puppy from Tim and Tammy was a very positive experience from the initial contact to the day we became Maple’s forever home. Tim and Tammy go above and beyond to provide you with not only a hunting dog but a family companion . Even after bringing Maple home they continued to answer our questions and gave us guidance so that we were getting Maple off to a good start. If you are thinking of buying a GSP puppy from TFK , don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed. When you buy a puppy from TFK you become part of a family. Thanks guys! God Bless you!

Joe Dempsey

Where do I start? My boy Koda is my second dog I had Tim train but he wasn’t any ordination dog, he was broken! His previous owner and trainer passed him off. I didn’t and I adopted him. A 6 year old broken GWP. It’s a sad story so what do you do? I knew he had potential and he’s extremely smart! So I gave him to Tim. Tim performed a miracle that only Tim could do. I firmly believe that. Koda is now a confident dog in every way. Koda now finds every bird in the field and does it with ease and grace. He trust me and isn’t scared anymore. He’s incredible and is very loved no matter what by his forever family. Tim took care of him a gave him what he needed to thrive. That only comes from extreme experience. Thanks Tim and Tammy for all you do!!

Jen and Adam Gould

"I first stumbled upon Triple Flush Kennel on Tiktok, we had been talking about purchasing a GSP puppy, so we had been researching kennels around our area in Michigan, with no luck for what we were looking for. After I starting following TFK on all social media outlets it became very clear to us where we wanted a puppy from, Tim and Tammy truly put their heart and sole into every puppy/dog that comes into TFK. I had several conversations with Tammy, she is the sweetest. Fast forward to actually getting our sweet boy Gus. We brought him home for a couple months, and had no idea what we were doing. I made several phone calls and text to Tammy, she always answered every question and probably answered the same one several times lol. We decided we wanted to take him back to Missouri for obedience training. Best thing we ever did! After three months of training he is a amazing puppy!!! We still wonder how Tim does what he does, he is amazing with all the dogs, his training skills are top notch! Tim is always there to answer any questions we have, and if you do what he tells you, you wont be disappointed. You don't just buy a puppy from TFK and that's the end of the story... instead that's just the beginning. Tim and Tammy are always there to help or just cheer you on. We have learned so much from Tim and Tammy and are so grateful to have TFK puppy, he isn't only a hunting machine but he is a part of our family that knows how to turn it off once he is in the house. TFK pups are really a awesome breed. We cant say enough how great the whole experience has been for us, and we look forward to adding to our family again from Triple Flush Kennel. We knew we wanted a dog to hunt with but also wanted a family pet, Gus is the best of both, and that is completely all thanks to Tim and Tammy for their incredible knowledge and the passion they have for all their pups!!! We not only gained a 4 legged family member, we also gained two great life long friends in Tim and Tammy!!!!!"

Bob Lautermilch

My best friend is a TFK dog named Nellie. After an extensive search of reputable breeders, I am so glad I waited for a pup from Tim and Tammy. A lot is said about “natural ability “ and I have had a few GSP’s that I thought had a bunch but nothing like Nellie. She was finding and pointing birds the first time she was exposed at 13 weeks, she was retrieving to hand at 16 weeks and was guiding at the local bird farm at a year old. As a team, we’ve brought to bag 6 different species of birds in 4 states. I would like to take the credit for her success but it really came down to great genetics, basic obedience and then just letting her hunt. Thank you Tim and Tammy for your steadfast commitment to breeding quality dogs, always being available to answer questions but most of all for your kindness.

Julie Dockray

We sent our 1.5 year old male GSP Remy to Tim and Tammy at Triple Flush Kennel for 3 months. I cannot recommend them enough! Our boy came back a more confident and well rounded family and bird dog. Sending him away was difficult for us but we were kept up to date on his progress and once you meet Tim and Tammy in person you know they are who you want to trust your fur baby with. Their facility is beautifully kept and maintained. And it is absolutely true; once you are a Triple Flush family member, you stay one. Tim and Tammy have continued to help us when we have questions and have guided us on multiple topics; continued training, traveling with dogs, diet, etc. Remy is now 3 years old and is the absolute best we could have asked for in a GSP and we know that is because of Triple Flush Kennel.

Emma Wall & Aaron Keel

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Tim and Tammy. I found Triple Flush Kennel on Instagram a few years ago and followed them because of my love for GSPs. I was drawn in by their extensive training and breeding experience. I learned so much through their posts and I admired the connections that Tammy and Tim maintained with their clients. When my last GSP passed, I knew I wanted my next GSP to be a Triple Flush puppy. The first time I spoke with Tammy we talked on the phone for 3 hours. She answered every question I could even think of, and she wanted to know everything I was looking for in a puppy so she could match me to the appropriate litter. I felt complete trust that Tammy and Tim were going to match us with an incredible companion, and boy was I blown away. Henry is our male GSP from the Grace/Hans 2022 litter. He has the most incredible temperament of any dog I have ever had. He is driven and focused, yet gentle and cuddly. He is adaptable to any environment. Mostly, he is the most handsome dog I have ever laid eyes on. I am enamored every day by Henry's natural abilities and the companionship he has brought me. Henry is a once-in-a-lifetime dog, and that would not be possible without the passion and love that Tim and Tammy have for Triple Flush. I am so grateful to have the support and connection the Triple Flush family has provided me. Tim and Tammy have fostered an environment of respect, education, love, and laughter. It is truly invaluable to have the support and resources of your breeder throughout the stages of your pup's life. Tim and Tammy have gone above and beyond every step of the way. We are forever grateful for Tim and Tammy. Henry is the light of our lives. We cannot wait to welcome home another Triple Flush pup in our future from Grace/Hans 2024."

Chris and Holly Even and Family

We can’t say enough amazing things about Triple Flush Kennels and Tim and Tammy. They have a level of passion for their dogs that is indescribable. Their patience and communication with us before, during and after our puppy was born was top-notch! They made us feel included during the early weeks of our sweet puppy’s arrival by sending pictures and keeping us updated on all the puppies. The education they provide on Puppy Pickup day was amazing! Even months later, they still have a level of love for our puppy that is truly unique! Tim and Tammy are the best!

Joanie and Jeff Arney

I first met Tammy through Instagram as I was looking for another GSP as a sibling to our female GSP, Fergie. I spoke to other breeders, but never felt like I had met someone who was willing to take the time to visit with me, especially after I disclosed that my Husband and I were NOT HUNTERS, and we were NOT looking for a Hunting Dog, rather just a loving companion that would make a wonderful addition to our loving family. Honestly, I was blown away with my first conversation with Tammy and the amount of time she took with us about our decision for another GSP. I explained that my husband and I were not hunters, and we had recently lost our beloved GSP Buck, to a malignant heart tumor, who was my Therapy Dog in my Psychotherapy Practice. Buck was a gentle soul, rather a "one-of-a-kind" kind of dog. I was struggling with our young Female GSP Fergie, as she had a completely different personality than Buck. At first I thought it was just because she was a female, but after several conversations with Tim and Tammy...I learned the value of pairing the right Male and Female when breeding GSP's (DK's), and why Triple Flush Kennel does not breed multiple litters year after year. Fergie was a bit of a challenge for me, and my thought was to select another Male as a sibling to balance her high energy...even after three mile morning jaunts and mentally stimulating games in our backyard. After talking further with Tim about our challenges and what we would like to have in another GSP (DK), we actually decided to go with another Female. Once we had made the decision to go with a female pup...we turned our conversation with Tim and Tammy to training Fergie. We headed to Jacksonville, MO to meet Tim and Tammy and leave our girl Fergie for 90 days of Obedience training at Triple Flush Kennel!! Tammy immediately welcomed us with big hugs and made us feel like we were part of their family! Tim embraced us and Fergie and welcomed us into their beautiful home. I knew Tim was a gentle soul, but the way he embraced Fergie and started to calm her uncertainty as to WHY she was here...made my heart melt! It was the MOST DIFFICULT DECISION to leave Fergie for 90 days with Tim and Tammy. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE!!! The second BEST decision was to trust Tim and Tammy on selecting a female DK for a sibling to Fergie! I was unable to sleep the first night away from Ferg and Tammy was so wonderful to send me Videos of Fergie right away so that I could see Fergie was in warm and loving hands! The pics and videos were so welcomed and helped to allay my separation anxiety from Ferg! And so the journey began...! We headed back 45 days later to pick up our female pup and bring her home. Tim does an outstanding job of "training the new parents" the morning of Puppy Pick Up Day, and is always available for any questions afterwards. Our new GSP Puppy is such a joy. She is so calm, well mannered, obedient, and potty trained at 4 months. She is so different than Fergie at her age...Our friends and family commented on her temperament immediately upon our return home. My Husband and I headed back down to Triple Flush Kennel to pick up our GSP Fergie after her 90 days of Obedience training! I was speechless at the positive changes in Fergie's temperament and behaviors. She can sit, stay with all types of distractions, and come when she is called. She no longer pulls on her lead during our walks, and she and our puppy are best friends...with the same training and commands! The Pointer Sisters Vivian and Fergie are the dynamic duo, but Tim and Tammy Muhr of Triple Flush Kennel are the REAL DYNAMIC DUO!!! Honestly, I cannot say enough positive accolades about this couple and their love for dogs, their knowledge about this breed, and their passion for creating and training such versatile, well mannered, intelligent GSP's. We consider Tim and Tammy dear friends and we look forward to many years of friendship and more GSP's...from Triple Flush Kennel!!!

Becky Griffin

"I met Tammy through social media several years ago, after following their page and we started to converse often. In 2019, I saw them advertise a “Train the Trainer” clinic, I just knew in my gut that Tim was someone I wanted to learn from. I had two GSP’s from a different breeder at the time and I wanted to learn more about bird training, I liked what I saw when it came to his training style and decided to attend. I flew down for a weekend of training and it was nothing short of amazing, I made some life long friends, learned a lot about bird training and was motivated to work more with my own dogs. After my visit I decided that one day I would own a TFK dog because they stood out to me in terms of temperament and natural ability. I have met a lot of GSP’s in the last several years and still today I’ve yet to find any quite like what they have to offer. In January I finally ended up with a TFK dog, it wasn’t the puppy I had originally planned for, but a “started dog”, which was something so much more than I could have imagined. I recently had a chance to go back to their kennel for more training and an opportunity to see what Jessie had been bred and trained to do, to say I am impressed is an understatement. I feel so fortunate to be part of the TFK family."

Amelia and Zach Bennett

Where do I even begin? After having many German Shorthaired Pointers in my family for a couple of generations, I knew that a GSP would always be the first dog I owned myself. Taking this experience very seriously, I stumbled upon Triple Flush Kennel social media accounts about two years ago. I was immediately in awe of their dogs and program, and after many months of following them I knew I had to have one of my own. I called Tammy and Tim in November 2020 to talk about my plans for my future dog, and when the most ideal time would be for our family to get one of their amazing puppies. From this conversation on after placing my deposit, Tim and Tammy were such an important part of this special process. Tammy and I talked often via social media and text, and the excitement we shared together made this whole process so worth it. When our litter was finally born, Tammy sent me so many videos and pictures of the puppies, making it much easier to make our pick with her advice and guidance. Tammy and Tim made us feel so welcome in their home during puppy pick-up, and it had truly felt like we really knew them for a very long time even though we had only just met in person. We got our black roan male puppy, Mac, from their Grace/Hans Spring 2022 litter, and we could not rave about this boy enough! He has slept through the night completely from 9pm-7am since Day 1 being home, which is completely unheard of! He was incredibly easy to crate train. Potty training has been generally easy in the house, and he is very easy to please with incredible focus. At only 11 weeks old right now, he is very calm around my parent’s adult GSPs and has a sweet, gentle temperament. Even as sweet and calm as he can be, he is also bold and fearless in the best way possible. He has already tried to jump off the dock into the lake, he is super snuggly, has not chewed on anything in our home, he is very patient with our cat and he is a beautiful puppy which doesn't hurt! (the list of his awesomeness is endless). We know he is going to do amazing things, and we couldn’t be more thankful to have him from Triple Flush Kennel! I would never get another GSP from anywhere else. The love and care Tammy and Tim put into their breeding program and the love they shared with us as Mac’s new owners can’t be matched! We love you and are so happy to be apart of the TFK family!

Joe and Mindy Dempsey

First of all Tim and Tammy are amazing. I searched for many months trying to find the perfect dog trainer. That journey ended when I found their kennel. Their training techniques were exactly what I was looking for. I had a great dog before I sent her away but after I got her back she is an obedient little superhero. It’s truly incredible what they accomplish in their training. It’s hard to send your dog away for months. Even harder on my eight-year-old daughter who just lost her little fur baby for a few months. They were always there throughout the process, sending pictures and videos, if we ever had a question they were always available to talk. It was all worth it in the end, she now has a solid foundation that we can work with for the rest of her life. It’s hard to find the right words to explain how grateful we are to have had them train our dog. I believe their love and dedication towards what they do is second to none. I’m already looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Kim & Paul Dybczak

I almost don’t know where to begin to explain how amazing Tim and Tammy are. We contacted Triple Flush after an extensive search for a good breeder. We wanted a breeder that produced stable minded active companions. We had many conversations with them and they always, patiently answered all of our questions. One of the many things that impressed us is how much of a family community they have with the families that purchase dogs from them. They live, breathe and love their dogs and it shows in everything they do. We traveled from San Diego to Missouri in December to pick up our Rigley on ‘puppy pick-up day’. Tim and Tammy welcomed the families into their home with a home cooked meal and really made us all feel like family. They have continued to be available to answer any questions we’ve had. The entire experience was amazing and we are so happy with our girl, Rigley! Thank you Tim and Tammy!

Bill and Lela Tapella

We want to thank Tim and Tammy for their great care and the training of our Gibson. We were looking for someone who would individualize Gibby’s training and not apply a set program to his unique “talents.” We also wanted a trainer that would care for our family member in the way we do. Score and Score! Tim and Tammy did a wonderful job with Gibby. We now have a well disciplined bird dog that is a joy to have in our home. Tammy’s frequent updates and pictures made us comfortable with both his well being and his progress. Tim and Tammy’s affection for Gibby made Lela wonder that he might want to stay. We have worked with multiple trainers over the years. We’ve never been more comfortable with the care and treatment of our dogs while they were away. We highly recommend Tim and Tammy if you are looking for someone to train your dog.

Connie & Ty Miller

"Tillie Grace has been with us for over a year and I am just now writing this review. It took me this long to write because I honestly didn’t know where to begin. Tillie is the most precious little GSP on the planet! She is affectionate, even-tempered, happy, beautiful, and eager to please. We have had many dogs over the years and she is probably the most loving dog we have ever had. All these traits do not come by accident. Tim and Tammy at Triple Flush Kennel are absolutely fanatical about breeding the best characteristics in their GSP litters. They love their dogs, they love their puppies, they love what they do, and they love the families that add a puppy to their homes. I first learned about Triple Flush Kennel on Instagram. I follow many GSP breeders on IG. Triple Flush Kennel stood out to me right away. I was so impressed with their program and facilities that I told my husband when the time came for us to have another dog we were getting one from there. Having a TFK GSP puppy means you also have two new friends who are dedicated to helping you raise, train, and love your GSP. They have stayed in touch with us since we got Tillie and we are proud to call them friends. Tim and Tammy know and love the breed. They are dedicated to breeding, raising, and training GSPs with the best qualities. If you are looking for a GSP puppy to add to your family, contact Tim or Tammy. They will answer all your questions and match you with the perfect puppy!"

Megan Hannen

We had an AMAZING experience working with Triple Flush for the training of our 6 month old GSP! Tim and Tammy are a perfect team, both being completely invested in breeding and training exceptional dogs. We are not hunters but knew we needed help in obedience training for our girl Benny. It was very important to us to not train using an e-collar so when we spoke to both Tammy and Tim about the philosophy behind their training, we were 100% in. It was incredibly hard leaving our young pup for a 3 month duration but knowing she was in Tammy and Tim’s care assured me she was in an enriching, loving and healthy environment. The love that Tim and Tammy have for all their dogs is apparent and genuine to the core. We could not be happier with our experience from start to finish. Watching the bond our dog made with both Tim and Tammy during her training time at Triple Flush confirmed to me the kind, committed and knowledgeable people they truly are. Now we take Benny with us everywhere and everyone comments on how well-behaved she is. When they find out that she is not even a year old yet, they can’t believe her ability to behave. I attribute this to Tim’s exceptional training abilities and Tammy’s commitment to enriching each dog with additional socialization and love.I hands down recommend Triple Flush if you are looking to send your dog to training or are interested in one of their puppies.

Amanda Battram

I cannot express in words how fantastic Tim and Tammy are. They are everything you would want in a breeder and more. They care so deeply about all animals that come through the door, and produce hands down the most amazing bred puppies. We contacted them in 2019 inquiring about a puppy for 2020. They were very responsive to all our questions, super supportive throughout all the challenges of COVID and the closed borders and most importantly treated us and our puppy as family. We got delayed with picking her up due to COVID, and without hesitation Tim and Tammy cared for our puppy and provided continuous pictures and updates until we could collect her. They truly made this a once in a lifetime experience and I would highly recommend Triple Flush Kennel.

Luis & Helga

"Tim and Tammy: Thank you for all of your support. We are extremely pleased with the three months of training Aken got at Triple Flush Kennel. Akens’ transformation was phenomenal. We also love the fact that we can take him for boarding and he has lots of fun. Once again thank you for training him and for being flexible with us."

Erin Hill

I purchased Brighton, formally Gracie from Tammy and Tim. She has been the absolute best dog anyone could ask for, and exactly what I was hoping for. She’s trainable, loves everyone, wants to please, and a force to be reckoned with in the field. She’s totally on in the field and the best cuddle partner in the house. She’s able to go everywhere and do everything with me. She has an exceptionally kind demeanor and is just truly a gem. Thanks for a one in a million dog, she’s my heart ❤️

Diana Hsu

I don’t know where to begin. Tim and Tammy have not only given me the most biddable, resilient and sweetest dog anyone can ask for but have also made me feel part of the their family. Their support, generosity and genuine love is something rare to find and it shows in how their dogs are whelped, raised or trained while in their care. I don’t event refer to them as my dog’s breeders, they are my family, and whenever I tell people how I feel about them, they give me a weird look and I say “if you had one of their dogs, you would understand what being part of the TFK is like”. Thank you for literally giving a “girl’s best friend”!

Kristen Makar

"I became friends with Tammy and Tim on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with their kennel, dogs, and them. You cannot find a better GSP or dog than Triple Flush Kennel. They truly breed the most versatile hunting dogs. I have a puppy from the Deke x Birdie litter and she is the perfect dog. Their dogs have such a drive to work, they want to learn and to please their owner. But they also know how to calm down when in the house. They are the best companions too, I take mine, Pippa, everywhere with me. I have created the best bond with her and she has been so much fun to train. This was possible because of how much time Tammy and Tim invested into pairing the right dogs and how they raise them from the day they open their eyes. Their dogs are driven, healthy, happy, and confident. She is an amazing bird dog. The nose on her is unreal, she can sniff out anything and if you tell her to go find a bird or anything she won’t come back until she does. She is not scared of anything, if I tell her to jump in the water, she doesn’t even hesitate, she full on launches in and gets whatever I tell her to get out of the water. I have never had a dog have so much confidence and trust in me. Also, I have another dog (not from triple flush) that has serious confidence issues and Pippa has helped him gain so much confidence. Also, Tammy and Tim are the best! I needed some training advise and they called me that day to help walk me through it and checked in to see how the training was going. If you get a Triple Flush Kennel dog you will become a part of the amazing community Tammy and Tim have created. The thousands of posts they have been tagged in on social media of happy customers and the bonds they have with their dogs and clients is a true testament to how amazing Triple Flush Kennels is and how great of dogs they breed. Getting a dog from Triple Flush Kennel is the best decision you will ever make."

Karoline & Matt Staker

Our experience with Triple Flush Kennel has been nothing short of outstanding. From the moment we picked up our puppy, Felix, on puppy pick-up day, Tim and Tammy not only warmly welcomed us into their home but into the Triple Flush Family. It is easy to find a breeder who can provide a solid dog, but it is a rare occurrence to find a breeder whose passion and dedication is evident in everything they do, and that is exactly what Triple Flush Kennel exemplifies. Even after we brought Felix home, Tim and Tammy remained (and still remain!) available for any questions or concerns we may have had – no matter how big or small. Breeding and training for Tim and Tammy is so much more than a business or trade; it is a true lifestyle for them, a combination of hard work, knowledge, and unyielding devotion that culminates in exceptional companion and hunting dogs. Tim’s remarkable ability to be firm and consistent in his training while at the same time being loving and affectionate toward the dogs is truly a sight to see. There is no doubt your Triple Flush Kennel pup will be extraordinary in all aspects, but what is so special about Triple Flush Kennel is that you don’t just get a top tier canine companion, you also get an enduring and special relationship with two wonderful humans and a place in the incredible Triple Flush Family!

Todd & Trisha Bayles

"We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Tim and Tammy at Triple Flush Kennel. We began following them on Instagram shortly after we got our first GSP and quickly decided we wanted our next one to be from them after seeing how much love and compassion they have for their own dogs as well as every dog that crosses their threshold. In June we picked up our girl, Truvy, from the Emma x Deke ‘21 litter. From the first contact to the time we loaded up to head home, they have been there for us and continue to be every step of the way. Puppy pickup weekend was such a memorable experience. Tim and Tammy graciously opened their home to us, fed us, and made sure we had everything we needed. Getting to meet all the dogs and spend a little time observing their different personalities was so much fun. We also got to spend time with other families picking up their pups and have kept in touch with them since. We were provided with so much valuable information on the breed, training tips, and health and wellness information to help everyone get off on the right foot with their new babies. After being home with our girl now for a couple of months, we are thrilled with how easily she has integrated into our family. She has been so easygoing, happy, and always eager to please. It was obvious she had been well socialized and exposed to many different situations and sounds. She has the best temperament and receives lots of compliments any time we are out and about. There’s no question if you are thinking about a new puppy or training for the one(s) you already have, this is where you want to be. Even if you have to wait a while for a litter to come along or travel a long way to get there, it was more than worth the wait and we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! ❤️"

Brian Widmer

"I was looking for a reputable trainer with a specific set of skills. Wasn’t in a rush but actively doing due diligence with some great friends. I came across TFK and I was drawn to them but not sold. After a phone conversation a left all local options and made the trio to drop of my pup and meet Tammy and Tim. We immediately became family. The way the interact with the dogs is like nothing eve ever encountered. Our of all my GSPs the one trained by Tim is a show stopper and the best family pet. If you considering, remotely I retreated, or just thinking about it. You will receive a service far above anything else and you just might end up best friends. I truly couldn’t portray the people they are and there outstanding talent to do what no one else can! I’m a fan and you will be too. Get ready for the best adventure with your current pup or a hand picked pup from one of their litters. Best of Luck to your family and the best companion from TFK!"

Hunter Lane

Tammy and Tim are the best there is hands down! From start to finish you are apart of the family. They do everything in their power to help you succeed with training, obedience, care and so much more. Ellie is almost 3 years old and she’s right by my side everyday, she comes to my office almost everyday. She is so well behaved and she knows when to turn the dial up and cut loose in the field. When we hunt, we are always in sync and I have created some of my best memories with her working as a team in the field. From her high octane energy, amazing drive, natural instincts, you can’t make it up. Tim and Tammy know how important it is to help pups get off to the right track. Ellie came home retrieving on day one, knew basic commands, it’s as if Tim was teaching while reading the pups bedtime stories. They take the time to find the perfect match for each puppy and their companion. I didn’t know my family got a whole lot larger when I took Ellie home! Her personality is contagious, she has changed my life for the better. When you meet Tim and Tammy you can tell they have found their passion, something they love to do each and everyday that drives them to be the best. Can’t say enough great things about the Triple Flush Family!

Chris Jackson

We purchased a puppy from TFK a couple years ago. The support and direction we've received have made all the difference in the world. I was hesitant to test, but through some good discussing with Tim, have pursued Navhda Natural ability and utility testing and looking back I am thankful for this decision. Our pup is very sociable, full of confidence, and has unmatched drive in the field. We've taken ruffed grouse, pheasant, quail, woodcock, and ducks over him in the past two years. We can't begin to put into words how thankful we are for TFK and our pup!

Michael Kren

I would highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for not only a great companion but also a stud of a dog in the field! I’ve pointed people in their direction and have a dog from them myself! My dog is very eager to please in and outside of the house. It says a lot when one second my dog (jaeger) can be playing with a toddler and the next he could be outside hunting with the flip of the switch!! Triple flush is a family to us🤗

Megan Hannen

We had an AMAZING experience working with Triple Flush for the training of our 6 month old GSP! Tim and Tammy are a perfect team, both being completely invested in breeding and training exceptional dogs. We are not hunters but knew we needed help in obedience training for our girl Benny. It was very important to us to not train using an e-collar so when we spoke to both Tammy and Tim about the philosophy behind their training, we were 100% in. It was incredibly hard leaving our young pup for a 3 month duration but knowing she was in Tammy and Tim’s care assured me she was in an enriching, loving and healthy environment. The love that Tim and Tammy have for all their dogs is apparent and genuine to the core. We could not be happier with our experience from start to finish. Watching the bond our dog made with both Tim and Tammy during her training time at Triple Flush confirmed to me the kind, committed and knowledgeable people they truly are. Now we take Benny with us everywhere and everyone comments on how well-behaved she is. When they find out that she is not even a year old yet, they can’t believe her ability to behave. I attribute this to Tim’s exceptional training abilities and Tammy’s commitment to enriching each dog with additional socialization and love.I hands down recommend Triple Flush if you are looking to send your dog to training or are interested in one of their puppies.

Becky Robishaw

Amazing is an understatement!! Our GSP is extremely scared of most everything. We sent him to Tim and Tammy and couldn't be happier!!! Not only did they help him A LOT, they were great with this soft hearted momma who cried and cried when we dropped him off. We highly recommend Triple Flush for any of your training needs!!

Caleb Conley

Love working with Tim and Tammy. The process of getting Ava was straight forward and they kept us in the loop the entire time with updates, pictures, from before whelping to the day we picked our pup up. They had us over to the house and gave all the new dog families a training rundown and recommended path forward for training, showed everyone the facilities and ran some of the other dogs they have in their fields. Ava from the EmmaDeke litter has been a great addition to our family. Loves to please, socialized very well before we took her home and is already loving boat rides, people, other animals, responds to commands and is fearless. Looking forward to her in the field.

Dezarae Elizabeth

I have been following tripleflush kennel on instagram for a while. I previously had two gsps. Both experiences of choosing those puppies from their breeders was nothing like triple flush. It is obvious that tripleflush not only care deeply for their dogs but also for the owners of the puppies they breed. I immediately felt like family to them. I reached out in hopes to get one of their puppies from the emmadeke litter. Up until the day i arrived tammy provided me with pictures of the puppies. She is very active on social media to keep all of us updated on the puppies, which i found amazing! Tammy was more than helpful with making sure i was all set to fly out and was accommodated during my stay. I am from the east coast so my travel was quite long. Tammy and Tim opened their home to me for the few days i spent there getting to know them, the dogs and my soon to be puppy. They are the kindest most compassionate breeders that I have had the pleasure to deal with. They had puppy packets ready to go that provided all information needed for the next steps as a puppy owner. Tim put on a demonstration using multiple dogs of theres. Which was one of my favorite parts. I was able to see how my puppies mom and dad worked as a hunting dog. They showed how they took care of the puppies and the whelping area. The facility is amazing in itself. Tim and Tammy opened their home to multiple other families for puppy pick up. We all got to know eachother and swap stories. I was able to make connections with my puppys other siblings families in hopes we can bring them together again at some point. Since leaving i have been in contact with tammy and tim. They have not stopped checking in, answering any questions i have had, and showing interest in my puppys life. My puppy was registered through NAVHDA and was given a FI microchip through tripleflush as well. I am more than thankful for Tripleflush and the new doggy family I have made. I recommend this a hundred times over. I have had Trout for a couple weeks now and he is everything I could have hoped for.

Sean Murphy

Tim and Tammy are great people who produce extraordinary dogs. Their DKs are nothing short of amazing: Very biddable and easy to train, great instincts in the field, superb athleticism, and without a doubt the most affectionate and best family sporting dog I’ve ever been around. The female DK that we got from TFK was very easy for me to train myself with nothing more than a short lead, a long lead, and time. She happily heeds every command and is eager to please, and I’ve never felt the need to use an e-collar for corrections. She even follows commands when given by our 4 year-old daughter! In contrast, we also have a female GSP from another breeder, and she was much more difficult to train, hard-headed, and did require e-collar use for corrections. Our DK is also not rangy at all (I don’t think she’s ever run more than 50-60 yds away), whereas our GSP was very rangy and required a lot of work to reel her in to more manageable distances on a consistent basis. Our DK from TFK is also a wonderful family dog! We have two kids, a 4 year-old and a 9 month-old, and the DK is great with them. She’s very gentle with the baby and loves to play with the 4 year-old. I think her favorite part of every day is the kids’ nap time because she loves to snuggle with them. In contrast, our GSP doesn’t want much to do with the kids and rarely ever lays or plays with them. I firmly believe that a DK from TFK is the best sporting dog that anyone could ever get. Our previous labs, GSPs, and weims were/are all good dogs, but the DK is by far the best all-around dog we’ve ever had. Without a doubt the most versatile yet loving dog I’ve been around. You will not be disappointed with a TFK pup!

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